Many changes since my last post in march


Updating the database to keep the search results up-to-date


The database has been updated two times since my last post: the 20th of April and the 27th of June.


Before every update, all web sites are indexed again, all links are checked, the modified files are downloaded again and parsed, the their content updated in the database. The list of assets from the DLS is also updated. New sites web are added and indexed as well. More the 1 million of assets copies are indexed now in the database : all are checked before each update.


In order to reach the goal of one database update per month, I am concurrently re-writing a good part of the computer tools to make them more efficient, more fast, more reliable, and minimize the numerous manual tasks that still remain.


Support TKI campaign


On the site you have not missed the call to support TKI. Maintaining the TKI site is a almost full-time work and needed two years of development before to open. When I begin to work on the project, my business in Thailand give enough money for my family and I was free to spend time for TKI. Then came the political trouble in 2013, the coup in 2014, and now an endless economic crisis witch dramatically reduced our revenues. Today it no so easy to explain to my family why I spend so much time for something that give no money ! So, the choice is simple : either TKI give enough money to justify the time I spend for it (don't worry, not a lot, as life cost in Thailand is very low), or I will have to end this adventure. Indeed, stopping to update the database means that the site will becomes out of date and useless very quickly.


At the moment news are not very promising. Only 17 persons have supported TKI since 3 months, compared with the 150 daily users or with the 8.000 users having been using TKI since the beginning of the support campaign.


Another option would be to make the site fee-paying...


Improving the security of the site


Another noticeable change is the obligation to log in for searching. This change is a part of a set that aimed to improve the security of the site. The log files of the site are crowded of megabytes of messages related to hackers attacks. The blog comments are flooded by spams. Of courses the list of changes will remain secret. Why clues should be given to hackers ?


But those changes are made to ensure continuity of service. Even if, sometimes, like the necessity to log in, everybody have to make a little effort.


Improving user friendliness


Finally some changes to make life easier for everybody :


  • You can now copy a full kuid and paste it in a new field of the search kuid page of the site.
  • You can now use your email or your user name to log in to the site.
  • The 'Remember me ?' has been fixed. It should now work for everybody. If you select it and come back often on the site, you will not have to log in again for some days. To be used only on your strictly personal computer of course !


Thast's all for today...


Fell free to provide your feedback by adding comments or with the contact form.


Have good search on TKI !