I am fan of trains and Trainz since long time. My Trainz username is pierreparis and my Trainz id (86528) is more than 10 years old now !


I had the idea for this site in my head for a long time. I was frustrated to spend so much time on searching missing dependencies of the assets and maps I had downloaded, sometimes more time than to play with them !

Unknow brocken dependencies


This type of research is long and tedious because the Content Manager of Trainz provide only a kuid for each missing dependencies with unknown location, even though the download sections of the fans sites don't provide extensive lists of the kuid that can be downloaded there. I dreamt to have a database where I will have only to type the kuid of an asset to get his location on the web ! As no one did it, and as I had some free time, I decided to do it by myself. As IT ingeneer, I have managed many big web projects in my life. So I have the great advantage to be able to do this complex job by myself.


Two years later, it is done ! The database is populated, covering most of the web sites offering freeware objects for Trainz everywhere in the world. And this database will be easily updated regurarly.


Trainz fans community has finally his own Google !


In order to respect the rights of the web sites owners, this site don't provide direct links to the files containing the wanted kuid, but only the name of the file to download and the links towards the pages of the site from where this file can be downloaded. Unhappily it can means a little more work sometimes. Of course this can be changed in the future on a site by site basis if some site owner give to me the permission to provide direct links to files to download.


With the same aim, the database store for each referenced asset only informative data (name, description, licence, ...), in addition of the links to the download page. No copyrighted data (meshes, icons, textures, sounds, etc.) are stored in the database.


The database also contains the references to the kuid downloadable at the N3V/AURAN DLS, together with builtin assets of the versions of Trainz I have. For obvious reasons, the database does not contain references to payware assets. If some payware web site owner would like to have their products referenced inside the database, they can contact me.


You will also find here a list of Trainz fan sites, some statistics on the content of the database, a FAQ and some Tips to help you to search the kuid and understand the search results, and a blog with news about this site and the Trainz fan sites.


I would like that this site not only help the users looking for dependencies, but could also help the assets creators facing the delicate dilemma : to propose or not dependancies pack for their creations, including assets from other creators. This last point may require the creator lost a lot of time in asking for other authors agreement, or take the risk of offend them. The history of Trainz is not lacking of such polemic. This site should help the creators who want limit the content of the dependencies packs to the assets that cannot be found anywhere on the web.


Please feel free to contact me with any feedback or suggestions that you wish to make.


Enjoy visiting !


Pierre Courbin aka pierreparis