It is always sad when a Trainz fan web site close, especially a site like this one with a lot of assets to download. In August 2013, I have counted almost 3000 kuid, among them 700 kuid that could be found only on this site.


The site has been the subject of controversy here : and here : and here too : . As I cannot read russian language, it is impossible for me to determine who is right and who is wrong, only by reading the terrible result got from the translator. The controversial issue concerns some accusations of piracy by the site trainzdepo.


Anyway, the site has re-open. I decide to resume the indexation of the assets that can be downloaded at, despite the controversy. The statisitics of august 2013 have shown a large number of assets that can be found only there, even if it is very difficult to know if those unique assets are realy original copy.


The has been rebuilt. It is still being indexed here on This may take a few days. In the meantime the assets from will be found only in the search results for dead links, as the last check of the site has been done when the site was closed.