In 2014

Site usage


The traffic on the site never stop to increase since the opening :



According to Google Analytics 6,371 users have been visiting the site in 2014 with a total of 19,321 sessions.


For the last three months of the year 2014, 34,840 request for searching kuid was recorded. 64% among them give results. 36% give dead links or no results.

Data base update


Since the opening, the data base has been updated 4 times : in July, August, September and November. The number of kuids indexed on TKI and that cannot be found at the Download Station increased from 114,829 to 164,982 by indexing new sites and updating already indexed sites.



In 2015

More data base update


The goal for 2015 is to update the data base every month for all freeware sites and for the DLS. It is vital to avoid any deterioration of the quality of the links provided by TKI towards the pages where the assets can be found.

Improve data base completeness


The total number of unique kuid indexed in the data base is now 493,848. This include kuid from 498 freeware sites, from Download Station and from built-in of some major release of Trainz, .


The various techniques used for indexing freeware sites ensure that all the downloadable files of a site are found and parsed for extracting all the kuid.


The discovering of new web freeware sites becomes scarce, meaning that most of them have been found.


So, concerning the kuid coming from the freeware sites and from the DLS, we can reasonably assume that the data base is now not far from the completeness.


In 2015 two issues should be addressed : the built-in kuid and the paywares kuid.


  • The first point means that more Trainz version should be indexed, knowing that those version are no more available.
  • About the second point, an agreement should be found with each web site delivering paywares for Trainz. The goal is to allow TKI users to know exactly how to find wanted dependencies that can only be found in paywares assets, in order users will be able to buy the assets if they want.

Recover kuid that cannot be found anywhere


It is possible to identify missing kuid by 3 ways.


  • The first source are the registered dependencies. Unfortunately the available data about dependencies on TKI database are incomplete. Dependencies of DLS kuid cannot be registered at this time in TKI data base. Only dependencies from freeware assets are registered. They are 220,586 to date. 64,610 (almost 30% !) among them are missing in TKI data base because they cannot be found anywhere on the web, on the DLS or as built-in.
  • The second source are the kuid already indexed (on TKI) witch was thereafter removed from some sites or from the DLS, making that nobody can't find them anymore. Since the opening of TKI the count of those kuid has been growing from 10,224 to 14,481.
  • The third source are the requests made by users on TKI site. The user requests that give no results on TKI are registered since mid august. 21,990 requests has been registered to date. They are related to 13,277 different kuid with or without the asset version,


All those missing kuid are actually abandoned : nobody care to make them available to the Trainz community, while they are needed as dependencies or for one reason or another. Fortunatly there are several ways for recovering those missing kuid :


  • First, concerning the kuid issued from freeware sites crawling, the direct link to the file containing the kuid remains sometimes active : the link is no more in any web site, but can still be used to access to the file (by example a Mediafire link, a Yandex link, etc.). Those links are orphan, but not dead. The next update of the TKI data base will propose more than 2000 of those orphan links.
  • Second, the TKI repository. Since several months TKI detect contents that will likely disappear from the web and keep them. More than 10,000 among those stored kuid are now missing but has been saved in the TKI repository.
  • Third the local Trainz content of everybody. We all have on our Trainz installation some kuid that are no more available on the web, on DLS or as built-in in an available version of Trainz, but are hunted by other Trainz users. With the good will of everybody, we could dramatically reduce the number of missing kuid.

Make recovered missing kuid available to everybody


I propose that TKI creates and manages a repository of abandoned kuid, making them downloadable on TKI site directly from the search results page.


This repository will gather the abandoned kuid found by TKI as well as abandoned kuid found by Trainz users on their own installation. TKI will publish the list of the most wanted abandoned kuids that are not already in the TKI repository. Anybody who has one or more kuid from the list may send them to TKI.


Of course, because TKI respect the rights of the authors, any author may request to TKI to not distribute its abandoned creations, or to not diffuse orphan links toward those creations. In that case a message will replace the link in the search result page.


In addition, TKI will work with the payware sites, as said above, in order to obtain some list of paywares kuid. This should prevent TKI from distributing paywares by mistake.


To conclude


I hope this road map will agree to the Trainz community. You will find here, on the blog of TKI, regular reports about the progress of this road map.


Feel free to comment and suggest using the comment form or the contact form.


And happy new year to everybody.


pierreparis AKA Pierre COURBIN