The data base has been updated. More than 6000 new kuids that cannot be found at the DLS has been added to the data base.


As planned in this post : TKI : 2014 Summary and road map for 2015 , orphan, but still active, direct links to abandoned assets are now displayed in the search result page. Those abandoned assets cannot be found anymore on the web by crawling any fan site, or on DLS or as built-in in a supported release of Trainz. But the direct link toward them, though invisible, is still active on the web. Most of the time that is links to file hosting service like Mediafire or Yandex.


The next step will be the building of the TKI repository of abandoned assets. Work is in progress ! More than 10.000 of those abandoned, whose link is no more activ, will be uploaded to the TKI repository. They will be directly downloadable from the search result page.