Some statistics about the content of the data base ...

Date of the stats : Feb 4, 2017

Total number of kuid in the data base  610,328

kuid from the DLS of N3V/Auran  407,254

kuid from freeware sites  273,596

Freeware kuid found in the  540  trainz fan sites explored

kuid from freeware sites, which are not available on the DLS  197,500

Built-in kuid  45,331

kuid included in the following release of Trainz : TRS2004, TRS2006, TRS2009, Murchinson, Classic Cabon City, Settle and Carlisle, TS2010, TS12

Vanished kuid  33,210

The vanished kuid has been found at least one time but are no more found now, following their retirement from freeware sites or from the DLS

Top 10 of fan sites for the number of freeware kuid

Site url Number of kuid 20,221 13,150 13,132 12,132 11,970 11,313 10,866 8,852 8,212 7,898

Top 10 of fan sites for the number of exclusifs freeware kuid

The exclusifs kuid of a fan site cannot be found in any other fan site, in Auran DLS, or in built-in

Site url Number of kuid 20,219 7,089 5,430 5,250 3,991 3,637 3,507 3,060 2,708 2,443