New feature : you can now search assets by keywords      

Trainzkuidindex has indexed the content of all Trainz fan sites and the informations fields of the config.txt of all downloadable assets from those sites.

You can now use a new form to find web pages or assets by using keywords.

This can seem like a Google search. But it is quite different :

  • TKI index the content of Trainz assets ; Google (and other search engines) don't.
  • TKI index only Trainz fan sites ; Google (and other search engines) index all sites, giving many unwanted results from sites not related to Trainz.
  • TKI keywords search provides various additional filters to narrow the results ; those filters are taylored to the needs of Trainzers, and thus are not provided by non-specialist search engines.

How to proceed ?

Select the submenu Assets search > by keyword to access to this new feature.

Enter a few words in the first (... all these words) or in the second (... any of these words) keywords field of the form.

Check Search for web pages or Search for assets or both.

Submit the form.

Not enough results ?

Use the second keyword field (... any of these words) instead of the first one. The search engine keeps in the search results pages or assets that contains at least one of the words entered in the second field (... any of these words), while it keeps only pages or assets that contains all words entered in the first field (... all these words).

Keep in mind that the search engine use the words you enter in the keywords field "as is". It does'nt translate it in any other language, don't search for synonymous words, or more general or more specifics words. For example, if you enter house, the search engine will not find pages or assets that contains building and not house. Likewise the search engine will not find pages or assets that contains only hopper if you ask him to search for train cars.

In some particular cases, you can let empty the keywords fields, and use only the filters for web pages or assets.

Too many results ?

You have several options to narrow the search results :

  • You can use the first keyword field (... all these words) instead of the second one (... any of these words).
  • You can use the third keyword field (... none of these words).
  • To narrow only the results for web pages, use the filters for pages : limit the result to pages providing assets to download, and/or to web sites in a specific language, and/or to web sites providing assets for a specific region.
  • To narrow only the results for assets, use the filters for assets : you can select the language of the site where the asset can be downloaded, the asset kind, the asset category, the category region and the category era ; you can choose to keep or not the assets whose the filtered fields are not defined.

Feel free to use the contact form for help, give any feedback or provide suggestions.

Enter the kuids, find the missing dependencies !

Missing dependencies ? Unknown location ? This site will help you to find missing kuid anywhere on the web among almost 200,000 referenced kuid that cannot be found at the DLS of N3V/Auran, but has been found in 860 trainz fan sites explored. Just type the missing kuid you are looking for and you will have the answer in a few seconds !

Please note that the access to the Asset search is no more free. You will have to pay a (small) annual subscription to access to it.


Below an excerp of the n3v newsletter from the 20th of may 2017, that explain this decision :


Missing Dependencies - where do I find them?


The Trainz Download Station (DLS) has 421,392 items listed for download. However, a similar amount of content resides on 3rd party websites around the world. And when community members upload items to the DLS, they are often unaware that they are about to cause even more hair to fall out from the heads of many other Trainz fans as they search for non-DLS items :)

For 5 years now, one community member has invested thousands of hours into providing a resource to help other Trainz fans find all those missing assets. Pierre's website, Trainzkuidindex, looks at all the other websites, assebles all those links and provides a search facility to access them.

As with any IT system, Trainzkuidindex involves time consuming maintenance and operation. This includes full validation of crawling results before updating the website database, checking and fix crawling problems, adapting crawling settings, real time helping the robot when hitting complicated Javascript, searching for new Trainz fan sites, answering messages, improving the web site, etc...

After just 65 people making a donation over the years, Pierre, decided enough was enough, and announced the closure of his site. However the community rallied behind him and encouraged Pierre to set up a subscription service so that the website could continue to operate and Trainz fans around the world still have a central location to find all those pesky non-DLS items. 

It is the community that makes Trainz what it is today, so please show your support by clicking the link below and do your bit to help keep this valuable resource available.


Trainzkuidindex help you, thank you to help trainzkuidindex !