New on TKI : you can now paste a list of kuids !      

A new text area has been added to the search kuid form.
In this text area you can paste a text containing several kuids.
The only constraint is that the kuids must be well formed : <kuid:123:456> or <kuid2:123:456:7>
For example you can copy a list from the Content Manager dependecies Pop-up, here in TRS2010/TS12 :

Copy from Content Manager

or from the dependecies window in TANE :

Copy from Content Manager

and paste in the new text area in the search kuid form :

Paste in the text area in kuid search form

After validation with , the search engine will extract all kuids from the pasted text :


and add them to your search history :

Kuids added to the search history :

To get the links for a kuid, you have now just to select it in your search history.

Some statistics about the content of the data base ...

Date of the stats : Jan 14, 2018

Total number of kuid in the data base  659,740

kuid from the DLS of N3V/Auran  438,555

kuid from freeware sites  318,272

Freeware kuid found in the  727  trainz fan sites explored

kuid from freeware sites, which are not available on the DLS  215,786

Built-in kuid  45,331

kuid included in the following release of Trainz : TRS2004, TRS2006, TRS2009, Murchinson, Classic Cabon City, Settle and Carlisle, TS2010, TS12, TANE

Vanished kuid  41,754

The vanished kuid has been found at least one time but are no more found now, following their retirement from freeware sites or from the DLS

Although could make available most of them, they cannot be provided here due to copyright concern.

Top 10 of fan sites for the number of freeware kuid

Site url Number of kuid 24,756 20,221 13,574 12,692 12,656 12,172 11,821 10,878 10,860 8,338

Top 10 of fan sites for the number of exclusifs freeware kuid

The exclusifs kuid of a fan site cannot be found in any other fan site, in Auran DLS, or in built-in

Site url Number of kuid 20,219 7,179 5,618 5,486 4,955 3,891 3,793 3,752 3,620 3,480