The version 2 of the trainzkuidindex site is almost ready to be launched.      

As part of new things in the version 2 :

  • A smart dashboard that search kuids for you : you feed it by pasting a list of kuids and it will search for you how many are found in third party sites, on Dls, etc. The dashboard will process in background the full list in a few minutes. It can process hundreds kuids. After that you will only have to select a kuid in the list to access the details of what the dasboard has found for this kuid. In addition your dashboard is persistent. You can work several days or weeks with its content, add and remove kuids, etc.
  • The search by kuid bring as well a list of web pages from third party sites where the wanted kuid is quoted in the text.
  • A kuid extractor : with this very versatile tools you will be able to explore your personnal collection of Trainz files and the files you have downloaded from third party sites, including zip and rar archives, and to extract one or more assets in order to import them in the game. Forget the old time where you need to import hundreds assets while you need only one. Now you will import only what you need. In addition this extractor can extract no compiled assets : assets as set of files in directories with a config.txt at the root are handled too and can be extracted in a zip file. The files are processed on your computer. No data are sent to the server. This tool is fully integrated in the web site and don't require any installation on your computer.
  • The links in the search result page will be accompanied by a thumbnail of the image found near the right link in web page of the third party site. This will help you to find the right link in web page of the third party site, which is sometimes tricky.
  • And many other new things.

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