New on TKI : you can now paste a list of kuids !      

A new text area has been added to the search kuid form.
In this text area you can paste a text containing several kuids.
The only constraint is that the kuids must be well formed : <kuid:123:456> or <kuid2:123:456:7>
For example you can copy a list from the Content Manager dependecies Pop-up, here in TRS2010/TS12 :

Copy from Content Manager

or from the dependecies window in TANE :

Copy from Content Manager

and paste in the new text area in the search kuid form :

Paste in the text area in kuid search form

After validation with , the search engine will extract all kuids from the pasted text :


and add them to your search history :

Kuids added to the search history :

To get the links for a kuid, you have now just to select it in your search history.