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The ultimate tools to find Trainz assets all around the web and manage your Trainz files

  • Search for Trainz third party sites from a checked and up-to-date directory.
  • With the Search by Keywords, discover hundreds of thousand freeware for Trainz, indexed from more than one thousand third party sites.
  • Search for missing dependencies with the Search by Kuid which in addition will give you the list of web pages where the wanted kuid is quoted.
  • With the Assets Extractor explore your Trainz files and extract assets to export in Trainz only the assets you need.

Slight change in the kuid search form

Following comments and suggestions from users and friends, the kuid search form has been slightly modified.

The kuid entry form has been moved above the dashboard to be more visible. Now it's the first thing you see when the page is displayed.

The data base today :

  • Total number of kuids in the data base :   1,035,147
  • Kuids from the DLS of N3V/Auran :   708,036
  • Kuids from freeware sites :   500,404

  • Trainz fan sites explored   1,147
  • Kuids found on freeware sites and not available on the DLS :   232,595
  • Built-in kuids :   43,094

    (Kuids included in the following release of Trainz : TRS2004, TRS2006, TRS2009, TS2010, TS12, TANE, TRS19)

  • Lost kuids :   83,607

    (Lost kuids has been found at least one time but are no more found now, following there retirement from freeware sites or from the DLS)

Trainzkuidindex V2 released !

What's new in this version ?

Kuid extractor :

With this very versatile tools you can explore your personnal collection of Trainz files and the files you have downloaded from third party sites, including zip and rar archives, and extract one or more assets in order to import them in the game.

Forget the old time about importing hundreds assets while you need only one. Now you import in the game only what you need.

In addition this extractor can extract no compiled assets : assets as set of files in directories with a config.txt at the root are handled too and can be extracted in a zip file.

The files are processed on your computer. No data are sent to the server.

This tool is fully integrated in the web site and don't require any installation on your computer.

During the tests the extractor was able to display in a few minutes the content of files of more than 1 gigabyte or containing thousand of assets. However, it is not recommended to use the extractor to generate large files or files containing a large amounts of assets. The actual performance will depend of course on the specs of your computeur. Don't hesitate to update your browser for better performance. The extractor don't work with IE or with too much old release of any other browsers.

Search by kuid

A smart dashboard that search kuids for you : You feed it by pasting a list of kuids and it will search for you how many are found in third party sites, on Dls, etc. The dashboard process in background the full list in a few minutes. It can process hundreds kuids. After that you only have to select a kuid in the list to access the details of what the dasboard has found for this kuid. In addition your dashboard is persistent. You can work several days or weeks with its content, add, remove, hide or unhide kuids.

New search for kuids quoted in third party sites : The search by kuid bring back as well a list of web pages from third party sites where the wanted kuid is quoted in the text.

Search by keywords

The form has been simplified. The basic search part of the form requires to fill only one field and to choose between four search options that give the most results for the first one to least results for the last one.

With the advanced part of the form you can apply more focused filters.

Presentation of search results :

The search results are now splitted in tabs : results found in third party sites, on DLS, in built-in assets and in web pages for the search by kuids, for search by kuid, results found in web pages and in assets for the search by keywords.

You can now order the results by third party site, by size of the file to download, by version of kuid, or by relevancy, according to the context.

New links "Next" and "Previous" as well as a pop-up help to move from web site to web site or from kuid version to kuid version in large tables of results. The pop-up is draggable and rezisable.

The informations provided for each asset found are more detailed and more consistent. They are presented in a way that will help you to choose the right file and to easily find the right asset in the downloaded file.

Where possible, thumbnails of the images found near the right links, in the web pages of the third party sites, is displayed near the links in the search results. This will help you to find this right link in the third party page, which could be tricky in third party sites that offer a lot of download links in the same page. These images also allow you to discover quality objects from third party sites that you would never have thought to visit.

Third party sites list

The list show now a small preview of the home page of each site. The preview is real time, but not functionnal : you cannot browse the third party site from the preview, you must use the link to go to the third party site for that.

You can disable this preview.

New theme

A new theme, Streamlined, has been added. You can now choose between 4 themes to display the site.

Emails from Trainzkuidindex

The emails you receive from Trainzkuidindex are now sent in html and in text. You will see the more detailed html version in your client email if it support it.

No more captcha

Experimentaly captcha has been removed.

Protection of your data

Trainzkuidindex does not use anymore external tools like Google analytics or links sharing tools, etc.

Trainzkuidindex don't share cookies with third party entities.

Trainzkuidindex store only necessary data like data related to you kuids search dashboard. Your data stay in Trainzkuidindex and are not shared with anybody.

A new page of the site show you the data stored in Trainzkuidindex, and the history of your payments.

A cookies consent page (compliant with the european GDPR... I hope...) has been added.

Secure the future

The site has been fully rewrited under php 7.4.4 (version 1 used php 5.6) and is almost ready for php 8 which ensure security support from php for several years.

Traduction en français

La traduction en français arrivera dans les prochaines semaines. Merci de votre compréhension et de votre patience.

Feel free to use the contact form to ask for help, report bugs or give your opinion.

What is France-Thai Digital Work ?

In Thailand (the country where I am living) it is no more possible to receive money with Paypal as freelancer.

The regulations of Thailand require to operate now a real thai registered business to be able to receive money on Internet.

That is why I had to create a company, actually a very very small company. His name is France-Thai Digital Work Limited Partnership.

You will see this name in the Paypal web site when you pay for the subscription. This company is now the owner of Trainzkuidindex and operate it.

OK in practice nothing change for you, the users of Trainzkuidindex...