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Assets Extractor

Select a file


To begin with, select a file on your computer.
Content of .cdp, .cdp2 and .cmpa files is directly displayed in the table of results below.
The list of files from archive (.zip or .rar) is displayed right above.
Select a file in this list to display his content in the table of results below.
By default, only files that can be selected are displayed in the list.
Use the radio buttons below the list to display all files of the archive.

The Assets Extractor can process only files with extensions .cdp, .cdp2, .cmpa, .zip and .rar.
Archives files with extension .7z must be unziped before to submit the files they hold.
The Assets Extractor cannot process archive file embeded in other archive file.
Such files must be extracted from their archives before to be submited to the Assets Extractor.

If some files in a .rar archive need a password, a text field is displayed to enter the password.
Password on .zip files is not supported.
Multifiles archives (archives splited in several files) are not supported.
All files are fully processed locally.
Nothing from your files is sent to the server.

All processing is asynchronous and does not block the browser. If you want cancel some too much long process, just refresh the page or use the menu.

Display file content

Action Show all assets found :
This action display in the table of results the kuids of all assets
that can be found in the file selected on your computer.
All files with extension .cdp, .cdp2, .cmpa and all config.txt files are parsed.

Action Enter a list of kuids below :
Enter in the text area a list of kuids to be submited to the Assets Extractor.
You can copy a text including kuids in the text area.
The kuids must be well formed to be recognised by the Assets Extractor.
Select display those found and those not found to display in the table of results all the kuids found and not found;

Table of results :
When the table of results display the content of a .cdp, .cdp2, .cmpa, .zip or .rar file,
each line show an asset with a kuid found in the file.
A kuid is found several times means that several copies of the same asset are included in the file.
Keep in mind that copies can technically be different while sharing the same kuid.

An Actions column is displayed which propose the following actions applying to the asset of the current line :
The action Detail show the textual content of the asset and the list of associated files.
The action Extract extract the asset to a new file containing only this asset.
If the asset is extracted from a .cdp, .cdp2 or .cmpa file, the new file
will have a .cdp extension.
If the current asset is a config.txt file, the asset will be extracted in a .zip file
with all the associated files.
The check box Select allow to select several assets in the table in order to extract them in the same file (see section Extract assets below).

When the table of results display the content of a config.txt file,
the first line propose the action Extract, which has the same effect than the action Extract above.

Extract assets

Action Enter a file name (without extension) :
Enter in the text field the name of the file where all the assets extracted will be gathered.
Dont't enter a file extension : the Assets Extractor will add the right extension depending of the content of the file.

Assets extracted from files with extension .cdp, .cdp2 and .cmpa will be gathered in a .cdp file.
Extracted Config.txt files will be gathered in a .zip file with all linked files, in one folder by asset.
The name of each folder is build from the kuid of the asset.
If assets from .cdp, .cdp2 or .cmpa files and config.txt files are gathered in the same file,
the grouping file for .cdp, .cdp2 or .cmpa files will be aded to the archive.

Action extract all assets selected in the table of results below :
Use this action to extract assets checked in Actions column of the table of results. If a kuid is found in several files in the table of results, only one can be selected at the same time to be extracted.

The extractor only copies raw assets content from one file to another. It don't modify the asset nor repair it. If the asset was errored before, it will be errored after...

Although there is no software limit to the number of objects to extract you can select, keep in mind that the extractor is not designed to export a very large quantity of assets.

Disclaiming :

Although the extractor has been extensively tested, Trainzkuidindex cannot guarantee that it is free of bug or that it will work in any situation. Trainzkuidindex cannot be held responsible for the consequences of using the generated file containing the extracted assets.

Table of results