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Creating and keeping up to date this world wide Trainz assets data base requires thousands hours of constant work.
In addition to be a powerfull search engine, TKI is a repository of all assets that can be found on the web. TKI keep them and will make available on TKI the assets that disappeared from the web (unless the author objects). The harvest started 3 years ago. You will be soon able to download here thousands of abandonned assets that can no longer be found anywhere except on TKI. Learn more about the road map of TKI in this post.
I want TKI stay free and open to everybody. But people who want contributes can help by sending money from time to time.
Of course this contribution is absolutly voluntary and everybody may still use TKI in the same way as usual.
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Enter the kuids, find the missing dependencies !

Missing dependencies ? Unknown location ? This site will help you to find missing kuid anywhere on the web among 182,199 referenced kuid that cannot be found at the DLS of N3V/Auran, but has been found in the 512 trainz fan sites explored. Just type the kuid you are looking for and you will have the answer in a few seconds !

TKI : 2014 Summary and road map for 2015

TrainzKuidIndex (TKI) opens his door at the end of June 2014, after 2 years of almost full time work for building the tools, populating the data base and creating the site. This post summarize the key events of 2014 and set out the road map for TKI in 2015.

You can change the skin of the site!

Try out to choose another skin in the drop list menu of the 'Change the skin of the site' section in the side bar on the right...