A new way of searching missing dependencies of Trainz assets

Missing dependencies ? Unknown location ? This site will help you to find missing kuid anywhere on the web among 140,775 referenced kuid that cannot be found at the DLS of N3V/Auran, but has been found in the 474 trainz fan sites explored. Just type the kuid you are looking for and you will have the answer in a few seconds !

On this site you will also find a list of the Trainz fan sites. 591 sites are now referenced in the list. You can filter the list by the language used on the site and by the main regions of the downloadable assets.


Please feel free to contact me with any feedback or suggestions that you wish to make.


Enjoy visiting !


Pierre Courbin aka pierreparis

You can change the skin of the site!

Try out to choose another skin in the drop list menu of the 'Change the skin of the site' section in the side bar on the right...

New update of the database

The database has been updated : 40 more fan sites indexed. The fan sites list has now 591 sites.